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McCook, NE

Welcome to McCook

McCook, Nebraska - it's an entrepreneur's dream! With an urban feel and plenty of small-town charm, the city is a great place to raise a family and open a business.

Sitting at the intersection US Highway 83 and US Highway 6, the city serves as a major hub for southwest Nebraska. People living in surround communities travel to McCook for personal business, shopping, dining, and entertainment. 

We have all the resources you need right here, including a strong economy, great opportunities for business development, a quality workforce, business incentives, available retail space, and so much more. So explore your options in McCook, and find endless possibilities for success.

McCook at a Glance

  • Population: 7, 698 (2010 census)
  • Estimated Median Household Income: $32,500 (2005)
  • County: Red Willow
  • County Population: 11,055 (2010 census)

With a population of nearly 8,000, McCook is everything you could hope for in a community. Friendly people, well kept city parks, plenty of outdoor recreation, community events throughout the year, and excellent educational and medical services - it all combines to form a great place to live, work, and play.

Other great profile information about the McCook area can be found at Nebraska Community Fast Facts.

Living in McCook

The McCook area enjoys a progressive attitude from its people and businesses. Area residents are usually familiar with what McCook offers, but, as we all know, 'things do change'. 

See http://visitmccook.com/ for information on things to do in McCook. This site is a great resource to help keep our residents and visitors up-to-date and provide information to prospective and new residents. 

For your convenience, we have listed some important community resources on our website.

Moving to the McCook area? Contact McCook Welcome Service for a FREE welcome packet! 

Here is a listing of available rentals in the area.

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  • Leading Employers in the Community

    View jobs available in the area. 

    • BNSF Railway Company

    Service Sector: Services

    Employment Number: 153 (Male: 145 Female: 8)

    Year Established: 1800's

    Unions: Yes

    Products/Services: Rail Transportation

    • Community Hospital

    Service Sector: Services

    Employment Number: 284 (Male: 42 Female: 242)

    Year Established: 1974

    Unions: No

    Products/Services: Healthcare Services

    • Parker Industrial Hose

    Service Sector: Manufacturing

    Employment Number: 187 (Male: 137 Female: 50)

    Year Established: 1971

    Unions: No

    Products/Services: Rubber Hose & Rubber Compounds

    • Hillcrest Nursing Home

    Service Sector: Government

    Employment Number: 181 (Male: 9 Female: 172)

    Year Established: 1924

    Unions: No

    Products/Services: Nursing Home/Assisted Living/Daycare

    • Kugler Company

    Service Sector: Manufacturing

    Employment Number: 139 (Male: 81 Female: 58)

    Year Established: 1963

    Unions: No

    Products/Services: Agri Fertilizers, Liquid Fertilizers & Ammonium Thiosulphate

    • City of McCook

    Service Sector: Government

    Employment Number: 85 (Male: 59 Female: 26)

    Year Established: 1882

    Unions: No

    Products/Services: City Government

    • McCook Public Schools

    Service Sector: Services

    Employment Number: 210 (Male: 47 Female: 163)

    Year Established: 1880

    Unions: Yes

    Products/Services: Education

    • Valmont Irrigation

    Service Sector: Manufacturing

    Employment Number: 272 (Male: 208 Female: 64)

    Year Established: 1999

    Unions: No

    Products/Services: Irrigation Pivots

    • Walmart Supercenter

    Service Sector: Trade

    Employment Number: 287 (Male: 93 Female: 194)

    Year Established: 1985

    Unions: No

    Products/Services: Full Line Retail and Grocery