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Tips and Information for Boosting Cyber Security

You know what happened to Neiman Marcus and Target. What are the odds of your business being added to the list?

They can't be predicted, but obviously the threat is real, the potential scary. At the last meeting of the Entrepreneurs Business Forum, FBI Special Agent Joy Mihara- Meer reported that of the 7 billion people in the world in 2012,  2.4 billion used the internet.  It's not news that a disconcerting, highly skilled proportion makes a good living as cybercriminals. They use the internet to commit all the crimes that once were done in person, by mail or over the telephone. Now they hide behind the anonymity of the internet and capitalize on its ease of access to potential victims.

It's obvious but worth repeating. If you're successfully targeted, your personal information can be compromised, proprietary and sensitive information as well as financial resources can be stolen, and your reputation can be ruined. Then there's online extortion, money laundering, reshipping, auction fraud, payment fraud and virtual kidnapping. The latter involves the use of technology to convince a business, or family, that a member has been kidnapped, and a ransom must be paid.

Just like preparing for an earthquake, there are things you should do to bolster your cyber defenses. Hereís the shorthand version of a tip sheet made available at the meeting.

Protect Personal Information On-line:

  • Set strong passwords and don't share them.
  • Be cautious about supplying personal information.