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October 21 is "Support Your Chamber Day"!

'Support Your Local Chamber Of Commerce'
This Wednesday, Oct. 21, is "Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day."  The Nebraska Chamber values its relationship with local chambers across the state.  The State Chamber believes the overall interests of any community are best served by an effective, vibrant local chamber.  And we believe the businessperson's first responsibility for involvement is to the community in which he or she lives and does business.  We encourage all Nebraska Chamber members to find new ways to get involved with their local chamber by volunteering to serve on a committee, working at an event, contributing to a local fundraiser, or recruiting other members to join.  Joining your area's chamber is a smart move for your business for many reasons, but mostly because you have access to a valuable networking and marketing system.  A recent survey by the Shapiro Group found that nearly two-thirds of U.S. consumers said they were more likely to buy goods or services from a business that belongs to a chamber of commerce.  If you're not already a member of your local chamber, we encourage you to join today.